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This book will fast become a favorite with children...
a great story, creative artwork, and valuable lessons it teaches about
friendship and sharing.

Little Abby Ant and Sammy Cicada is a book that brings a universal moral to life. introducing children to the importance of hard work, dedication. and, most imponant, compassion. The disciplined Ant works tirelessly during the summer to plan for the winter ahead, while the Cicada falls into the natural human tendency of living for the moment, basking in the season's inviting light and carefree attitude.


Fun to read. and a valuable lesson

A great book for children who are looking forward to a lifetime of the magic we find in books. This story is not only fun to read (especially paired with its unique artwork), it gets kids thinking about sharing and friendship.

Do you have a developing reader?

There is plenty to look at and talk about in this book. The unique illustrations will draw your child into the reading experience. The important lessons to be learned will get kids thinking about how they like to be treated, and also how good it feels to help someone who needs you.

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Little Abby Ant and Sammy Cicada

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Artwork that makes reading fun

The unique and creative artwork keeps kids interested – all hand-done cut paper combined with paint and luscious backgrounds.

The Authors

Ande Schiller

Author and illustrator


Ande Schiller was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. and currently resides in the New York metro area of the United States.

She grew up as one of five sisters, and that was not always easy. All of them had to share a lot. At times, this was a big challenge for Ande, but a learning experience, one that has sustained her throughout her schooling. work, and everyday life. She brings a sharing spirit to all of her family, friends. and this book.

Ande loves to write, perform, paint, and cook. She belongs to The Screen Actors Guild Foundation - BookPals. which helps children learn to LOVE books by bringing the talents of performer volunteers into classrooms, hospitals, shelters and wherever else they are needed. A perfect match!

Ande worked closely with her father, Renato, to create the illusrrations in this book and she also created the watercolor backgrounds of each page.

She is currently hard at work on ideas for her next book!


The Story

MagicCicada ~ once again in New York City, gathering in beautiful Central Park. Many thousands of cicada are ready to emerge from their 17-year nap.

One cicada in particular, Sammy,

Renato T. Albo

Author and Illustrator








Renato was born in Rio Grande do Sui, Brazil. He came to the Uniled States with his wife. Rosinha, and his five daughters. A successful mechanical engineer and creative writer, he was also able to paint and sculpt, while bringing an incredible amount of joy, love, and laughter to his wife of 64 years, his family, his grandchildren, and friends. A life well lived.

Little Abby Ant and Sammy Cicada, began in his den. in Glen Ridge NJ, in the hope of amusing his grandchildren. To create the art for this book, he first painted many sheets of special watercolor paper, then cut out each detail of every picture, glued everything into place. In doing so. he had the most fun ever. This book is a true representation of his talents and his love of life.


All the busy people enjoying the park seldom take the time to see how busy it is down at ant and cicada level. 

Abby and sammy will take you to a world that is often not seen by the people enjoying the park.

A selection of the art to be found in this book.

Sammy enjoys the summer breeze
Abby works on her supply of food
Time to enjoy her nest